September 15, 2008

Uncut Friday the 13th?

As all fans of the series know, the Friday the 13th films have always had a tough time with the ratings board. I believe that all of the films have had cuts made in order to achieve the desired rating. Now that we are well into the DVD era, it would seem logical that the uncut versions of these films would be released, but we have had no such luck. Until now, according to Bloody-Disgusting.

friday13th0307Lexington KY, recently played host to Scare Fest. was in attendance, as were representatives from Paramount, the owner of the Friday films, save for the last couple, which are in New Line's hands. This led to an interesting quote: "A representative of Paramount stated that the upcoming release of FRIDAY THE 13TH on DVD would be fully restored and uncut including the extended sequences! Extended cuts already exist in Japan and a few other countries. But this will be the first time this footage has ever been released on DVD and restored."

This is good news, indeed. Extended cuts have been around for awhile, such as the mentioned Japanese cut, but they have never had an American release. It had been thought that extended cuts would be included in the From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set a few years back, but that obviously never happened. Now with news of an extended cut of the original, could we be getting extended cuts of any of the other films? One would hope.

With the release of a Friday the 13th coming early next year, this release has to be seen as a marketing ploy to help advertise the film. Be that as it may, I am not going to argue with it.


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