September 22, 2008

Stephen Chow and Green Hornet

I remember reading that Seth Rogen was interested in doing a Green Hornet movie, I thought it seemed like an odd fit. However, the more I saw of Rogen, the more I liked the guy, so I was willing to get on board and see what he could do. Then there was the wish to have Stephen Chow on board as Kato. Sounded like a good fit. Guess what? Coming is reporting that it is happening!

The film is being produced by Neil Moritz, and will be based on a screenplay by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, hot off the success of Pineapple Express. This should prove interesting as it is sure to be a vastly different writing style than what they have given us already.

All right, enough of that, back to the big news. Stephen Chow is not only on as Kato, he will also be in the director's chair! This sounds like a perfect match. I cannot wait to see what they will team up and deliver. Chow has seen success on both sides of the camea, previously helming the hits Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

Can't wait!


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