September 27, 2008

Static X - Cannibal Killers Live DVD Art, Trailer, Track List

I cannot say I have followed these guys terribly closely over the years, but I have always liked their music. It is heavy, tight, and relatively unique sounding, and killer live. Wayne Static has dubbed their music as "evil disco" and that sounds about right. They are on the verge of their first DVD release, featuring a seventeen song set list, plus their videos, and a rare concert from 1997, this looks like a nice package.


01. Cannibal
02. Dirthouse
03. Sh** In A Bag
04. I'm With Stupid
05. Bled For Days
06. No Submission
07. Behemoth
08. Destroy All
09. Cold
10. Black And White
11. Destroyer
12. The Enemy
13. The Trance Is The Motion
14. This Is Not
15. Love Dump
16. Push It
17. Get To The Gone


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