September 20, 2008

Hounddog - Poster, Trailer, Stills

Hounddog is a film that cuased some ripples at Sundance in 2007. It is now getting a release to theaters, beginning with a limited release on September 19, 2008. The film stars Dakota Fanning as a young girl with a wellspring of spirit. She struggles to rise above all that surrounds her, even overcoming an event of tragic import to her young life. Her only solace is found in the music of Elvis Presley. It looks like a good movie, although I hope it is a bit more upbeat than the trailer seems.

DakotaFanning2_HoundopgPress RWPandDF-ontheroad DakotaFanning_Tree_HounddogPress DavidMorseRobinWrightPenn DavidMorse_HounddogPRess PiperLaurie_HounddogPress RWP_HounddogPress DakotaFanning_HounddogPRess JillScott_HounddogPress



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