September 24, 2008

Depp + Burton = Mad Hatter

Coming Soon is reporting that the rumors were true and the news is official according to Disney. Tim Burton's next film, Alice in Wonderland, will feature Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Almost seems like a foregone conclusion, right?

A few weeks ago it was being reported that Depp was going to be cast in the film; although, at that point it was nothing more than a rumor. Even though it was a rumor, it seemed a natural fit. Pretty much any time a Burton film is announced, Depp is going to be wedged in their somewhere.

Now, taking a look at the project as a whole, I see something that could definitely be fascinating. Lewis Carroll's tale has a distinctly dark side to it, considerably darker than was scene in the classic Disney animation. With Tim Burton's goth, dark, odd, quirky, pick your adjective visions, it seems like a perfect fit between material and director. Of course, it also seems to put a stake into the long brewing American McGee's Alice project that has been rumored for so long (with Sarah Michelle Gellar attached to the title role).

I love Burton's films (Sweeney Todd was my top film for 2008) and I love Johnny Depp, these two have yet to let me down and I do not think it will begin here.

The film is going to be shot with a mix of live action and motion capture, ala Beowulf. I have not seen any dates yet for start of production.


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