August 2, 2008

Poughkeepsie Metal Fest: Preview

Monday August Fourth will see the debut edition of Poughkeepsie Metal Fest. It takes place at The Chance Complex in Poughkeepsie, NY, and will be in two of their venues, The Chance Theater, and The Loft. The show will feature a number of bands from this summer's Rockstar Mayhem Fest tour. See below for videos from the participants. Joining the national acts will be a number of local acts: Ashes Of Sanity, Dead-Lift, Trapnote, and Hemlock.

Mastodon: "Sleeping Giant"

Machine Head: "Halo"

Black Tide: "Shockwave"

Walls of Jericho: "A Trigger Full of Promises"

36 Crazyfists: "We Gave it Hell"


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