August 1, 2008

Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase Cover Art, Track Listing

Nevermore kicks ass. If you didn't know, Jeff Loomis is a big part of the reason why. Now, the guitarist is releasing a solo instrumental album, and I cannot wait. If it is half as good as Warrel Dane's (Nevermore's vocalist), then it will be one not to miss. Below is the cover art, track list, and a couple of videos from NAMM this past January.

01. Shouting Fire At A Funeral
02. Opulent Maelstrom
03. Jato Unit (streamed on MySpace)
04. Azure Haze
05. Cashmere Shiv
06. Race Against Disaster
07. Sacristy
08. Devil Theory
09. Miles of Machines
10. Departures


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