July 2, 2008

Steel Trap - DVD Art, Stills

Steel Trap is the latest title to be announced for Dimension's Extreme horror imprint. It tells the story of an exclusive party in an abandoned high rise. A few of the party's guests receive invitations to a special VIP room. When they arrive they find themselves in a cat and mouse game with a sadistic killer. Frankly, that does not sound terribly original, but I am willing to give it a shot for its potential for blood letting. The DVD arrives July 15, 2008 and will include extras including deleted scenes, director's commentary, a making of featurette, and a still gallery. Below is the DVD art and some stills.

14529_steel_trap_screen_ax_head 14531_steel_trap_screen_gripping_window_sill 14530_steel_trap_screen_gagged 14532_steel_trap_screen_knife 14533_steel_trap_screen_mask_blue 14534_steel_trap_screen_running 14535_steel_trap_screen_strapped_down



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