July 6, 2008

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - Stills

Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming film looks like a lot of fun. There is action, comedy, and plenty of interesting critters littering the trailer, all will hopefully translate to a good film. Del Toro is an interesting director, having helmed artistically lauded films while also delivering popcorn munching fun flicks. This looks like a combination of the two. To help promote the flm a whole mess of stills have been released:

2348_D002_00165R 2348_D003_00005R 2348_D005_00087R 2348_D021_00117R 2348_D025_00074R 2348_D025_00105R 2348_D029_00035R 2348_D029_00076R 2348_D032_00052R 2348_D034_00005R 2348_D049_00076R 2348_D049_00047R 2348_D052_00018R 2348_D053_00075R 2348_D054_00063R 2348_D058_00020R 2348_D063_00031R 2348_D063_00146R 2348_D070_00063R_CROP 2348_D084_00074R 2348_D088_00022R 2348_D092_00064R 2348_D093_00119R_CROP 2348_D102_00004R 2348_D120_00040R 2348_FP_00017R 2348_FP_00046R 2348_FP_DI_0014R 2348_FP_T2_00049R 2348_FP_DI_0028R_CROP 2348_O_ELE_078_0560_V013_00 2348_O_FRK_021_0010_V016_01 2348_O_GAC_120_0120_V004_01 2348_O_MED_056_0040_V019_00 2348_O_MKT_066_0070_V010_01 2348_O_MED_056_0060_V022_00 2348_O_MKT_70_060_V06_042R 2348_O_MKT_076_0315_V001_00 2348_O_MKT_076_0700V012_024 2348_O_SWR_012_0360_V023_01 2348_O_TSG_112_0160_V023_03 2348_O_TSG_112_0067_V012_00


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