June 21, 2008

Whitechapel - "This is Exile" Video, Art, Track List

Whitechapel's latest album is due to be released on July 8 through Metal Blade Records. The album is called This is Exile and the title track is also the first video. They play what I can only think to describe as deathcore. It sounds about right, although I have seen them called death/grind, but with the breakdowns in the song they come across as more of a -core band. Aren't genre labels fun? Anyway, the cut is brutal, and easy to get into. The video is all right, nothing particularly special.

01. Father Of Lies
02. This Is Exile
03. Possession
04. To All That Are Dead
05. Exalt
06. Somatically Incorrect
07. Death Becomes Him
08. Deamon (The Procreated)
09. Eternal Refuge
10. Of Legions
11. Messiahbolical


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