June 18, 2008

My Blueberry Nights - Stills, DVD Cover, Trailer

My Blueberry Nights brings with it a couple of firsts. One of those firsts is that it is Norah Jones first starring film role, and the other is that it is Wong Kar Wai's English language debut. It is the story of a woman struggling with her breakup with her boyfriend. As she attempts to deal with it, she goes on a cross country journey during which she meets a variety of people that help her discover that which she needs to find. Co-starring with Jones is Jude Law, Natalie Portman, David Strathairn, and Rachel Weisz. It will arrive on DVD July 1st and will come with extras including deleted scenes, a making of featurette, and an interview with Wong Kar Wai.

13911_MyBlueberryNights_Screen_CatPower_JudeLaw My Blueberry Nights 13913_MyBlueberryNights_Screen_JudeLaw_NorahJones 13914_MyBlueberryNights_Screen_NataliePortman_NorahJones My Blueberry Nights 13916_MyBlueberryNights_Screen_NorahJonesCafe 13917_MyBlueberryNights_Screen_RachelWeisz



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