June 21, 2008

Death Race - Stills, Trailer

Back in the 1970's Roger Corman produced a low budget sci-fi action flick called Death Race 2000. In 2008, Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil, Event Horizon) is giving us his take on the story. Instead of doing a straight remake, he has seen fit to change some of the details. Now, this would have been better had they chosen a different name. Yes, the race is presented as a spectator sport, but there is no mention of a points system, instead, the winner gets to go free. You see, all of the participants are convicted criminals. I have a feeling I will enjoy this, but it is not Death Race until I hear about points for running over babies and Euthanasia Day at the hospital. Jason Statham stars in this version, joined by Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Joan Allen, and Natalie Martinez. Below is the trailer and a number of stills

2359_D001_00002_R 2359_D046_00042_R 2359_D008_00006 2359_D019_00079 2359_D018_00045 2359_D018_00026 2359_D018_00008 2359_D015_00017_R 2359_D018_00011 2359_D014_00037 2359_D013_00044 2359_D005_00025 2359_D036_00091R 2359_D026_00054 2359_D042_00145 2359_D022_00042_38_R 2359_D033_00042 2359_D018_00178R 2359_D017_00039 JASON STATHAM stars as Jensen Ames in  Death Race


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