June 1, 2008

August - Stills, Trailer

This could be good, but it does feature Josh Hartnett in the lead, so maybe not. I kid, I kid. Seriously, he is an all right actor, but he lacks that charisma needed to truly carry a film. Anyway, August looks pretty interesting. It takes a look at the dot com crash through the eyes of a fictional upstart company called Landshark, how they went right to the top and then had a very short period of time to save it as the bottom fell out of the market. Joining Hartnett in the cast are Robin Tunney, David Bowie, Rip Torn, and Naomie Harris. Austin Chick (XX/XY) is at the helm.

AUGUST 4 - Naomie Single AUGUST 3 - Hartnett and Director Chick with Camaro AUGUST 2 - Hartnett Single Bar AUGUST 8 - Rip Torn Single AUGUST 5 - Tunney, Royo and Hartnett AUGUST 1 - Hartnett Single Suit AUGUST 6 - Hartnett and Bowie AUGUST 7 - Adam Scott Single


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