May 13, 2008

Heroes of the East - DVD Cover, Stills

Genius Products continues their Dragon Dynasty releases with the upcoming Heroes of the East. I have really liked what they have been doing with these titles, sort of picking up where Fox left off with their martial arts releases five or six years ago. I have not seen this one, but considering the quality of the other films in the line, I am willing to give it a shot. Well, that and the fact that it features Gordon "Shaolin Master Killer" Liu. Directedby Lau Kar Leung, this movie tells the story of a kung fu master who mistakenly insults the family of his Japanese bride. To get back in good graces with the family, he agrees to a series of duels with Japanese ninjas. This film has also been released under the title Shaolin Challenges Ninja. The DVD will be released on May 27, 2008 and contain a number of features, including commentary with Bey Logan, an interview with Gordon Liu, a featurette on Lau Kar Leung, and a featurette on the weapons used. Below is the cover art and a few stills.

14003_heroes_of_the_east_screen_nunchuks 14002_heroes_of_the_east_screen_field_fight 14001_heroes_of_the_east_screen_body_slam



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