May 14, 2008

Gigantour: Megadeth Incident on May 12,2008

It appears that some metal fans showed just how rude they can be. At the Gigantour stop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, some incidents very nearly stopped the show in its tracks. As reported at, some idiot tossed a bottle of water, beer, or some fluid at the soundboard, sufficiently messing it up. As if to make things worse, someone apparently thought it would be cool to throw something at Dave Mustaine. To cap the night, a couple of fans got up on stage and ran over to Dave. Now, this sounds like an awful crowd (due to the minority of idiots, not labeling everyone) and I would not have blamed Dave at all if he chose to stop playing, but he did, and it apparently was a tight show. Anyway, someone caught some of Dave addressing the crowd on their cell phone, audio is weak, but check it out:


Anonymous said...

i remember that, i don't know who threw the liquid at the soundboard but they are idiots. same as you i would not have blamed him for walking off stage lol

Anonymous said...

You know, one thing people tend to leave out, is that after his address, someone flipped Dave off in the crowd, to which Dave replied in turn with an offer for the guy to come up on stage and try that.

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