April 14, 2008

Box Office Update 4/11-4/13: Prom Night Victimizes the Box Office

This weekend saw a remake climb to the top of the charts. Prom Night proved that there is continued life in the remake market and that Hollywood will not stop turning them out anytime soon. As for the film's artistic merits? Is it possible to be negative? This movie was terrible, from its conception to its execution, it fails on all counts. Hopefully, poor word of mouth will spread and this will die a quick death, at least until the inevitable unrated DVD comes out. I suggest that you do yourself a favor, if you haven't seen this, don't bother. Instead of this surefire regrettable movie, go check out the vastly superior The Ruins.

Besides the abomination that is Prom Night, two other films that reached screens across the nation clawed their way into the top ten. First up, and landing a distant second, is the Keanu Reeves cop-thriller Street Kings. This is a film that fully embraces its R rating and made sure that it couldn't get cut down to PG-13. Reeves stars as a corrupt LAPD vice detective whose eyes are opened to the corruption around him as he investigates the murder of a former partner. It is definitely entertaining, but it is way over plotted and underwritten.

The third film came in way down at number seven, which is probably all that it deserves. The film is Smart People, and it wants to come off a lot smarter than it actually is. Its central character is a self absorbed, pompous ass played by Dennis Quaid, who does a fine job leading the cast through the paces. Unfortunately, the script and lackluster direction doesn't really deliver the goods.

The rest of the films did pretty well. But, as is the case every week, one film has to get the short end of the stick and this week's winner is The Ruins, falling 58% from last week. It's too bad, the film is actually very good, is actually scary and has a nice dose of gore. So, we watch this flounder while a film like Prom Night tops the weekend. Oh well, better luck next time.

At the other end of the scale, 21 continues to roll. This one is doing surprisingly well. It dropped just 32%, and while it was not the strongest hold, I do not believe anyone could have predicted the solid business it would do when it opened.

Next weekend will see new competition from a trio of films, all of which I am interested in. Here they are, listed in order of my interest: the Jackie Chan/Jet Li team-up The Forbidden Kingdom, the Apatow camp production Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the Al Pacino thriller 88 Minutes.

Three movies dropped off the top ten this week: Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (11), 10,000 BC (12), and Shutter (14).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NProm Night$20,804,941$20,804,9411
2NStreet Kings$12,469,631$12,469,6311
42Nim's Island$9,111,667$25,391,5662
64Horton Hears a Who!$5,920,566$139,548,9205
7NSmart People$4,092,465$4,092,4651
85The Ruins$3,385,395$13,548,8712
96Superhero Movie$3,216,247$21,304,1643
108Drillbit Taylor$2,044,988$28,436,0294

Box Office Predictions Recap
Put it in the books! Somehow, someway, I was able to successfully pick all ten box office positions. Somebody must like me to have allowed me to get them all right. On top of that, my box office grosses were not all that far off either, with the majority of them coming in under $1 million away. This won't last, as I likely just got lucky this week, next week I will be back to my usual self.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Prom Night$20,804,941$19 million
22Street Kings$12,469,631$11.5 million
3321$10,470,173$9 million
44Nim's Island$9,111,667$7 million


$6,276,665$6.5 million
66Horton Hears a Who!$5,920,566$5.5 million
77Smart People$4,092,465$5 million
88The Ruins$3,385,395$4 million
99Superhero Movie$3,216,247$2.5 million
1010Drillbit Taylor$2,044,988$2 million


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