March 11, 2008

Ratner to take on Harbinger?

Here I was thinking that Valiant comics was dead. It is proving to still be showing life more than fifteen years from its origins. First there was the recent Turok animated movie that arrived on DVD, as well as the video game inspired by the dinosaur hunter. Now there is the possibility of a film project that is being eyed by director Brett Ratner and Paramount Pictures, and could fall under the MTV Films banner., as reported by Variety.

I remember, back in my comic collecting years of the early-mid 1990's, Valiant comics were highly regarded, even if they possessed smaller print runs. Of course, they also helped kick off the whole chromium cover phase with the debuts of Bloodshot and Turok. Now Bloodshot, there is a cool character that would be well served by a feature project.

Anyway, Harbinger is a book that I have vague memories of. I remember liking it, but cannot recall much in the way of details. Checking over the books Wikipedia page, some memories are returning. Harbinger was similar to the X-Men of the Valiant universe, although not quite as colorful. I'd recommend giving that page a once over, it offers a lot that could be film worthy.

Ratner seems to be interested in starting up his own comic franchise, after directing the disappointing X-Men: The Last Stand. This could be the project for him, although I am not nearly the biggest fan of his work, he is able enough, but not quite original enough. Of course, there is always time to develop vision.

Of course, this project will have to wait until he at least finishes Playboy, his biopic of Hugh Hefner. Hmm, I wonder how he will manage with that? I picture him as more of an action film kind of guy....


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