March 11, 2008

Movie Media: Shutter - Poster

I have a new poster for the upcoming flick Shutter to share with you. It is nothing terribly special, actually I find it to be downright boring. I hope it is not representative of the film that is representing. Shutter is the latest in the long line of Asian horror remake, and the thid of 2008, following One Missed Call and The Eye. It tells the tale of ghostly images of the dead appearing in still photographs. I wonder if it only works with standard film, or if digital works too? I mean Moonlight tells us that vampires can be captured in digitial photographs (something about silver nitrate). Anyway, this poster remains dull and uninspired. Also, what is up with "From the Executive Producers of The Grudge and The Ring"? You know what that tells us, right? Absolutely nothing. That's right, nothing.


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