March 7, 2008

Michelle Rodriguez Joins Walker and Diesel for The Fast and the Furious 4

In the first The Fast and the Furious Paul Walker teamed with Vin Diesel to put some bad guys out of business. Helping fight the good fight were Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez. The second film saw only Walker return to continue fighting the forces of car-modders everywhere. Then there was the third which took the story across the globe to Japan, and only featured a film ending cameo by the Vin-man himself. Now, a fourth film is in the works and it will be reuniting Walker and Diesel for the first time since that initial outing. Now, there is word from CHUD that Michelle Rodriguez will be getting back in the saddle.

Not only will the troubled former Lost star be appearing in the film, but she will be dying in the first act! How much fun is that? Well, perhaps not much. This seeming spoiler will prove to be the incident that brings our two wayward heroes back together to resume their crime-fighting ways. Actually, I am not sure what crime they will be fighting, I figure it will be more of revenge type tale if the Rodriguez death pans out.

I also have to wonder if anyone is truly excited about this? Do people still care about modified imports racing through the streets? Beyond that, does anyone care about this franchise? I will freely admit to enjoying all three films to one extent or another, but I am feeling that this series has run its course. Are Walker and Diesel so desperate for a potential hit to get their careers back on track that they feel the need to return to this well? With the third outing it appeared this was heading in the direction of an anthology type series, where it probably should be heading.

The as yet untitled sequel does have a writing/directing team in place. Justin Lin, who showed so much promise with Better Luck Tomorrow only to go on to Annapolis will be in the director's chair, while Chris Morgan (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Wanted) will be penning the script.

Whatever the eventual case may be, make of this news what you will. All we need now is for Jordana Brewster to come back to complete the reunion of principals.


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