March 22, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Stills, Trailer

If I said I was not looking forward to this movie, I'd be lying. It is an Apatow production, and his touch just works for my comedic tastes, plus it features Kristen Bell, and we can always use more Kristen Bell. It also stars Jason Segel (who also wrote), Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Bill Hader, and Jack McBrayer. There has also been no shortage of promo material. Below is the red band trailer and a whole mess of stills:

FOCVNS_D022_00015[1] FOCVNS_D029_00200[1] FOCVNS_D048_00031[1] FOCVNS_D002_00420[1] FOCVNS_D003_00165[1] FOCVNS_D003_00193[1] FOCVNS_D005_00054[1] FOCVNS_D007_00379R[1] FOCVNS_D004_00343[1] FOCVNS_D007_00492R[1] FOCVNS_D007_00290[1] FOCVNS_D008_00371R[1] FOCVNS_D008_00210R[1] FOCVNS_D009_00027[1] FOCVNS_D009_00293[1] FOCVNS_D015_00616[1] FOCVNS_D014_00468[1] FOCVNS_D017_00529R[1] FOCVNS_D017_00204[1] FOCVNS_D024_00010R[1] FOCVNS_D028_00139[1] FOCVNS_D026_00048_CROP[1] FOCVNS_D051_00203[1] FOCVNS_D058_00312[1]


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