February 4, 2008

Superbowl Ads Movie Edition

First things first, this year's Super Bowl was fantastic. It was an amazing game with enough defense and offense o satisfy the most hardened fan, plus the underdog won! This coming from a non-football fan. Well, I don't hate it and I historically cheer for the Giants, so it was a realy good day! Besides all of that, the movie studios startes promoting there wares with some new spots sprinkled throughout the telecast. Thankfully, MySpace has put them up on the web for all to revisit. I thought I would share with you and also give some thoughts on what we were treated to.

Wanted. First up is this new action flick featuring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman. This looks to be an over-the-top actioner in a vein similar to Shoot 'Em Up, although I suspect this will be a bit more toned down for a wider audience. The trailer promises plenty of high-octane action, just don't expect an Oscar worthy performance from any of those involved.

Iron Man. Yes, this movie is going to kick all sorts of ass. The initial trailer was good, especially with the use of the classic Black Sabbath track, this commercial only adds to the cool factor. What I liked about this was the way it showed the various iterations of the Iron Man armor. It is not going to be like he makes the first suit and that's it, but it will be in a constant state of upgrade. This is going to be fun.

Leatherheads. This film is directed by and stars George Clooney, and it is not a serious follow up to his Oscar nominated Good Night and Good Luck. This is set at the dawn of professional football, and this ad sets up the comical tone as well as the rivalry between Clooney and The Office's John Krasinski. I doubt this will be a great film, but it looks like fun.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This follow-up to the huge Walden Media hit looks considerably better than its predecessor. The ad shows a film that has a higher quotient of action and excitement as well as heightened stakes for the central siblings. I thought the first was good, but am eagerly anticipating this follow up.

Semi-Pro. I think this has a distinct chance of being better than Blades of Glory (not very hard), but it will not live up to Talladega Nights. On another note, is anyone a little tired of Will Ferrell sports spoofs? Anyway, this was a rather lackluster spot that did little to entice me to see the film.

Wall-E. I have to say that this was, hands down, the best movie spot of the night. It was also the only one not to contain any footage from the film it is advertising. It is the latest offering from Pixar and it looks fantastic. The trailer has the little robot having a comical encounter with a vacuum cleaner while Buzz and Woody from Toy Story have a chat about the robot. Brilliant.

Jumper. From director Doug Liman, this sci-fi action/adventure looks like it could be fun. At least, that is what I am hoping for. It is the story of those who can teleport anywhere they wish while those who wish to stop them pursue. This ad did not show anything new, but it is the film closest to its release. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bistor star.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Adam Sandler returns to his goofy roots following his strong dramatic turn in Reign Over Me. This time out he plays an Israeli special forces agent who wishes to get out of the business and become a hair stylist. Seriously, this could go either way, I am hoping it falls towards the side of good.

Semi-Pro/Bud Light. The beer compnay and the comedy team up for a gem of a cross-over. Ferrell is in his movie character, Jackie Moon, and he trying to film a commercial for Bud Light, and it does not go well. Rather, it is quite funny, especially the final line.

That about wraps up this special edition. I hope you've enjoyed it.


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