January 28, 2008

Movie Media: The Forbidden Kingdom - Poster, Trailer

Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie, what more can any self respecting martial arts fan want in a movie? Seriously, this has the potential for being an absolute classic. But, yes there is a but, I am not sure about this story. It is based on the Monkey King, which is also the basis for DragonBall Z I believe. Michael Angarano stars as Jason, a modern teen who unlocks a secret and is thrust back in time where he is charged with freeing the Monkey King fromhis prison. In order to do this, he must learn kung fu. He does this with the help of a wise kung fu master, played by Jackie Chan, and a band of warriors that includes Silent Monk, played by Jet Li. Once the clips move to the past, this movie looks simply amazing. I hope it lives up. It is being directed by Rob Minkoff who last directed 2003's Eddie Murphy comedy The Haunted Mansion.


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