November 18, 2007

Movie Media: Get Smart - Poster, Trailer

Maxwell Smart is coming to the big screen, but not until next June. Yes, another TV show to big screen adaptation. I know how much all of you must love them. Now they are not all bad, we just seem to remember the bad ones more often than not. That said, Steve Carell is playing the lead and who else could you go to? He is, on paper anyway, perfect for this role, and the teaser trailer seems to support that fact. I am looking forward to seeing the full trailer. There is also a teaser poster out, and I cannot say that it impresses me all that much. It hasn't dulled my anticipation, but still... Joining Carell are Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, and Alan Arkin. Peter Segal is helming the feature, his first since 2005's The Longest Yard remake.


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