November 10, 2007

Movie Media: The Eye - Poster, Trailer

Another remake of another Asian horror film is set to descend upon the big screen. This time it is The Eye from Hong Kong, directed by Danny and Oxide Pang, who made their English debut earlier this year with the lame The Messengers. The English version of The Eye will be the English debut of the French newcomer duo of David Moreau and Xavier Palud, who last made Ils (the English title is Them). Anyway, could this prove to be Jessica Alba's big break? Is this the film to prove her big screen worth beyond a pretty face? Personally, I think she has potential, but keeps choosing the wrong roles. Maybe this will be it. The trailer is kind of creepy, but has no dialogue, a fact I find slightly worrying. There has also been a poster released, the perspective seems a little wonky, but it has a seriously eerie effect.


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