November 27, 2007

DVD Review: Opus 'n Bill in A Wish for Wings That Work

Remember that comic strip Bloom County? Yes? I do too, although I have to admit that it wasn't one that I followed all that closely. I was always more of a Garfield kinda guy. However, while I cannot remember much in the way of specific jokes, I always got a kick out of Bill and his incessant hairballs. That brings me back to the year 1991. That year there was a holiday special that starred the featured characters of Bloom County, Opus the penguin and the aforementioned Bill the Cat. It was called A Wish for Wings That Work. It was a sweet natured story that was entertaining for the whole family. Unfortunately, I have not seen it since it's original broadcast. That is, had not seen it since then until today. To be honest, until the DVD arrived in my mailbox, I had completely forgotten about it. A fact I am glad has been rectified.

The story was written by Bloom County creator, Berkeley Breathed, who was adapting his own book. It centers on Opus and his absolute desire to fly. You see, Opus is a flightless black and white bird possessing a big nose, also known as a penguin. Well, I think the nose thing is specific to our dear, self-centered Opus.

Opus has one wish for Christmas, wings that work. He is not content with who he is, being a flightless bird has made him feel less of a bird, less of an individual, and more self centered. His sincere desire to fly has not allowed him to be grateful for what he has and what he is and what he can do. Opus is irritable, self-centered, and blind to virtually everything else around him.

When he reaches the end of his rope, he turns to Santa Claus to rectify his problem as he has reached his wits end. And then..... Well, if you've seen it, you know what happens. If you haven't seen it, treat yourself to something new, it is well worth the twenty-three minutes.

Let me just say that the story is heartwarming and reinforces the fact that you should be happy in your own skin. That you should keep your eyes open for the love that is around you. It is a great tale.

Now, it has been a long time coming to DVD, this is its first release. It is a pretty bare release, actually, it is a bare release. There are no extras, commercials, commentaries, or featurettes to be found. Also, the tech presentation is mediocre at best. I think they presume this is going to be a release of limited interest and did not put a lot of effort into it. Still, it is a delightful story with humor for kids and adults alike.

Bottomline. This should be an annual tradition, up there with the Garfield and Charlie Brown specials. There are some great lines, not to mention the scenes stolen by the mute Bill. Do yourself a favor and add this to your collection.

Highly Recommended.


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