October 2, 2007

Music Video: Avenged Sevenfold - "Almost Easy"

At the end of the month Avenged Sevenfold will follow up to their hit major label debut City of Evil with a self-titled album that will be hidden bby a simple white cover emblazoned with their skull and bat wings logo. Before that arrives, the band is giving us a taste of what to expect. I have say that I like what I hear. It is definitely not like the material of their first two albums, and while it is along the lines of City of Evil, it still has a fresh feeling to it. This band has a high energy sound that has lots of technical skill to show. The two songs that are out are catchy and definitely infectious. Below you will see the video for the first single "Almost Easy." Plus, if you head over to their MySpace page you can listen to "Critical Acclaim." The new album lands October 30th.


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