September 15, 2007

Fox New Season Promos

Proving that promitional posters aren't just for movies, Fox has released a number of posters promoting the upcoming season. I have gotten ahold of five of them for your viewing pleasure.

Back to You is a new comedy featuring Kelsey Grammar playing a new character in a series in what feels like two decades. He is paired with Patricia Heaton, hot off the ending of Everybody Loves Raymond. I am up in the air as to whether this will be any good or not. The poster is pretty generic and features the two leads airbrushed within an inch of recognizability.

Next up is for the new cop series K-Ville, starring Cole Hauser and Anthony Anderson. It looks to put a spin on the cop drama and gives us a new setting, post-Katrina New Orleans. It is another poster featuring a ton of airbrushing. And is it just me, or does Anderson's head look particularly huge?

The next three are for returning series. Prison Break, House, and Bones.


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