September 13, 2007

Movie Media: Religulous - Poster, Still

Political comedian Bill Maher teams up with director Larry Charles (Borat) to deliver a comedic documentay centering on religion. Religion is a favorite topic of Maher, who invites us, in a statement saying: "Join me in the final battle between intelligence and stupidity that will decide the future of humanity. Coming soon to a house of false idols near you." Meanwhile, Charles says in the same statement: "The funny will be scary, the scary wildly funny. The crazy will seem sane and the sane absolutely and undeniably crazy. All lines are blurred. All bets are off. We will get inside, on top of, behind, and in front of religion." Being a man of faith, I am not sure how I will react to it, but I will say it will likely be interesting... Now, take a look at Maher on toast:


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