August 24, 2007

Movie Media: Sydney White - Stills, Trailer

This September will see Amanda Bynes' follow up to her role in the hit musical Hairspray. The movie is called Sydney White and seems to be taking cues from any number of tween films with a dash of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Clearly, I am not a member of the target audience, and no, I don't think it looks terribly good. However, it still looks like it could provide an entertaining experience. What little I have seen of Bynes has been positive. She is cute, has great eyes, and a good deal of on screen charisma. So, it is likely I may make the trip out to see this. The story centers on her freshman year of college, where she rushes a popular sorority of ditsy cheerleader types, and ends up in a dorm with seven dorks (get it?). Anyway, here are a bunch of stills, the trailer, and a link to the official MySpace page with all sorts of other goodies.

SWCVNS_D001_00495_S[1] SWCVNS_D002_00449_S[1] SWCVNS_D002_00808_S[1] SWCVNS_D002_00899_S[1] SWCVNS_D003_00449_S[1]

SWCVNS_D003_00340[1] SWCVNS_D003_00427_S[1] SWCVNS_D003_00728_S[1] SWCVNS_D005_00059[1] SWCVNS_D005_00540_S[1]

SWCVNS_D004_00668_S[1] SWCVNS_D005_00595[1] SWCVNS_D006_00360[1] SWCVNS_D006_00336_S[1]

SWCVNS_D006_00464[1] SWCVNS_D011_00014[1] SWCVNS_D014_00011_S[1]


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