February 6, 2007

DVD Pick of the Week: Hollywoodland

Before gettong to this weeks pick and other assorted releases, there are some interesting numbers on the next generation front. I have remained out of the the whole HD DVD versus Blu ray thing. First, I don't have a high definition television to take advantage, nor the money to buy one, nor the desire to have to choose. Well, beyond my hesitation to jump in the pool I am interested in how they are faring. The first numbers have come out and Blu ray is outselling the competition by a rate of 2 to 1. The number may be inflated by the PS3's sold over the holiday season, so it could be telling to see if the numbers level off. Anyway, on to my choice.

This week's pick is Hollywoodland. The film that seems to have fallen by the wayside when it came to the big awards shows, which is somewhat expected, it should not be written off. This is an intriguing and involving film about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the suicide/murder of George Reeves. Don't know who George Reeves is? Well, he was the first man to portray Superman on television, the show was Adventures of Superman. This film concerns itself with the unsolved mystery of his untimely death.

Director Allen Coulter, marking his big screen debut after a successful career on television, taking you inside 1950's Hollywood. It is a well paced and thought out mystery highlighted by some fine performances. The cast is led by Adrien Brody as the detective on the case, Diane Lane as the love interest, Ben Affleck (in one of his best) as George Reeves, and Bob Hoskins as the head of the studio. It is a good film and well worth your time.

Also out this week:
  • Flags of Our Fathers. Very good, if flawed, Eastwood film about the Battle of Iwo Jima, and more specifically about the famous image that was snapped and the impact that it had on a nation and the people involved. It's companion film, Letters from Iwo Jima, is a Golden Globe winner and nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.
  • Eddie Murphy: Delirious. Eddie regrets the red suit that he wore, and I have not seen this. Now seems like a good time to catch up.
  • Running with Scissors. Great performance from Annette Bening is the highlight of this film, the rest of it failed to ring true with me. Although, there is something slightly alluring about Evan Rachel Wood.
  • Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. A movie sequel to the classic series. I have not seen this, although I have heard good things.
  • The Science of Sleep. I love Eternal Sunshine, and I cannot wait to slip into this one.
  • Hellboy: Sword of Storms. The animated sequel to the Guillermo del Toro inpressed me when it ran on Cartoon Network. It will be nice to see it again.
  • The Grudge 2. This is here to warn you away. This is not a good movie.
  • The Amazing Screw-on Head. Don't know much about it, but how can you go wrong with that title?
  • Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. This is what Zhang Yimou does in between big epic costume dramas. And yet another film I have not seen yet have heard good about.
  • Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. Rival clans do battle. Looks pretty good to me.
  • Incubus. A low budget horror film featuring Tara Reid, how can you go wrong? Wait, don't answer that.
  • Apocalyptica: The Life Burns Tour. These guys are great, a four piece rock act that plays cellos. Very impressive act.

What are you getting this week?


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