January 4, 2007

CD Review: Evolocity - Evolocity

Holy mediocrity, Rock fan! Evolocity hits your ears with the impact of.... of.... well, something mediocre. A band photo graces the back cover of the CD case, giving an image to theit emo aspirations. Only problem is the music isn't emo, screamo, and doesn't make you say o. This is another album of radio friendly hooks and a play to the middle style that doesn't stand out from the crowd. They sort of remind me of a blend of Collective Soul and Sevendust, only without the appeal of those two acts. They take these sounds and melt it down into something that is easily digested by the masses.

There is no denying that much of the music captured here is catchy as all get out, but that alone does not make it good. All that means is that you don't have to pay attention to find yourself grooving along, but when you stop for a minute and listen you won't find any reason to keep doing so. It would be best if, when you press play, you just sort of zone out or continue doing the busy work that you need to get done. This will be sufficient to keep your toe tapping while you get your stuff done.

Evolocity is a band that plays it tight. This self titled debut release features slick production giving them a big epic sound, and the five band members seem to work well together. I just don't feel any excitement about the project. I will say that the bass player, who goes by the name Melon, is much better than the rest of the band, there is a constant stream of interesting basslines, it is much more than a foundation for the band, it is the one point to make a statement.

For all of the mediocrity, there are a few songs that stand out for attention. The first is "Duh, Wayne," a song that has some interesting rhythms and incorporates a little touch of the sax. Immediately following that is "Herbie (doesn't like to make toys)," which features a sample from Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer. Then there is "Cockeyed" opening with a nice little funky bass riff, before slipping back to the mediocre.

I suspect that there is more to this band than is immediately apparent on this release. There are moments of interest, and incredible bass player, and the occasional interesting lyric. It seems like their may be a producer or label invovled attempting to steer the band which is having a negative effect on their development. Of course, I could be completely offbase, my impressions may have little to do with the reality. So be it, I just think these guys could turn around and blow me away. I'm not holding my breath.

Bottomline. This will play well to the mainstream, but for those looking for more, well, this won't be your lucky day. I'm not trying to put myself above everyone, I am as average as the next guy, but when I sit and listen to something, I want it to grab me. This doesn't do it. Maybe next time.

Not Recommended.


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