January 23, 2007

Box Office Update 1/19-1/21: Stomp the Yard Holds Off Night at the Museum

Stomp the Yard clawed its way back to the top spot, narrowly fending of a play for a return to the top by the Ben Stiller monster, Night at the Museum. None of the other films even came close to taking the top two spots away from these two. Of couse, none of them really put up much of a fight. Overall, the week was distinctly to the lower end of the scale. It was one of the lowest grossing weeks in some time, and the lowest so far of the young year.

This week did see the expansion of The Queen back into wide release, in the wake of Helen Mirren's Golden Globe win, and in anticipation of her Oscar nomination. The movie paid off as the movie made its way back into the top ten. It is definitely a movie that is worth seeing. While I may not have rated it as highly as other films currently in theaters, but Helen Mirren's performance is one to be seen.

There was only one new film to enter wide release, and it vastly underperformed against its expectations. The Hitcher opened to lackluster numbers, and what is sure to be poor word of mouth, placing fourth. For what its worth, I enjoyed the film. The leads may be rather bland, but Sophia Bush has certain assets that are worth seeing, and Sean Bean is always entertaining.

One other film climbed into the top ten this week. Guillermo del Toro's masterpiece, Pan's Labyrinth, rose to number seven this week. It did whis while playing at merely 609 theaters. Compare that to The Hitcher's 2,831 locations. This is a film that is a must see on the big screen. This and Alfono Cuaron's Children of Men are the two absolute must see films that are currently playing. So, do yourself a favor and see these two fantastic additions to the world of film. You won't be disappointed.

Three films dropped from the list this week: Charlotte's Web (12), Alpha Dog (11), and Primeval (15).

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Stomp the Yard$12,287,352$40,550,9462

Night at the Museum

4NThe Hitcher$7,818,239$7,818,2391
53The Pursuit of Happyness$6,310,133$146,121,2006

Freedom Writers

716Pan's Labyrinth$4,502,243$9,932,4144
87Children of Men$3,710,945$27,491,5084
924The Queen$3,400,061$35,557,52117
109Arthur and the Invisibles$3,080,698$9,272,1064

Box Office Predictions Recap
This was a week of extremes. I had a number of films that landed way off from my predictions, a few land pretty close, and the same thing goes for my dollar predictions. I completely overestimated the opening of The Hitcher, although I suspect that many had done that. I nailed the middle two and the anchor films positions, while I was off by one for another 4. Just don't look at The Hitcher or Primeval. My dollar predictions were pretty close for about half the titles, and again, don't look at The Hitcher. Anyway, here is how I fared:


PredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
41The Hitcher$7,818,239$21 million
12Stomp the Yard$12,287,352$17 million
23Night at the Museum$12,012,724$13 million
34Dreamgirls$8,008,749$7.5 million

Pursuit of Happyness


$6 million

66Freedom Writers$5,207,062$5 million
87Children of Men$3,710,945$4.5 million
118Alpha Dog$2,990,995$4 million
159Primeval$1,878,287$3.5 million
1010Arthur and the Invisibles$3,080,698$2 million


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