January 16, 2007

Box Office Update 1/12-1/14: Stomp the Yard Dances to the Top

Stomp the Yard became the film that pulled off what no other film could do since before Christmas, it unseated the Ben Stiller behemoth, Night at the Museum. Other films tried, but they all failed when faced with the box office gold that is pretty much everything Stiller touches. I didn't think this would be the week to unseat the special effects laden comedy, but I turned out to be wrong, as is the case with my predictions. Try as I may, I have been unable to capture the elusive and fickle tastes of the public. It is akin to capturing lightning in a bottle.

Four films clawed their ways into the top ten this week. The previously mentioned Stomp the Yard took the top spot, bringing $22 million dollars over the three day weekend. I did not get to see it, so I cannot comment on the quality, but it has found a home with a lot of people. It was also the highest ranked of the new entries this week.

You have to slide all the way down to number seven for the next new entry. The drama Alpha Dog took that space. Again, a film I did not see, so no witty comments from me, but I do hope to catch it at some point. Following right on its heels is the horror entry Primeval. It is a serial killer film with an inhuman killer, it is a alligator, or crocodile, in some remote part of the world. This I want to see, but I am not expecting it to be good, not by any stretch. The final new entry is Arthur and the Invisibles, the first ever family film from Luc Besson. This one I did see, and while I was happy for the lack of animated animals, I cannot say that I was terribly enthralled by it, there seemed to be a lack of heart in the animation.

Among the returning films, they all did a pretty good job at retaining their audience. Although, I would love to see Children of Men bring in more filmgoers, it is a truly magnificient film.

Four films dropped from the list this week: Charlotte's Web (11), Happily N'Ever After (12), Rocky Balboa (13), and We Are Marshall (15).

Dollar amounts are estimates for the three day weekend, final numbers have been delayed due to the holiday.

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NStomp the Yard$22,000,000$22,000,0001

Night at the Museum

32The Pursuit of Happyness$9,100,000$136,479,0005
54Freedom Writers$7,117,000$18,441,0002

Children of Men

7NAlpha Dog$6,142,000$6,142,0001
9-Arthur and the Invisibles$4,300,000$4,300,0003
108The Good Shepherd$3,908,000$54,266,0004

Box Office Predictions Recap
I think I did moderately well on my positioning. Getting two right and a few others pretty close. I had a couple of big mistakes, one being my underestimation of Stomp the Yard, I did not peg it as the number one film. I sort of realized my mistake on Friday as many of the people ahead of me in the ticket line were on their way to see Stomp. My other mistake being the placement of Pan's Labyrinth at number 5, I could have sworn that I saw it opening on 1200 screens, I guess I was a victim of misinformation. Anyway, here is how I fared:


PredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
21Night at the Museum$17,100,000$18 million
42Dreamgirls$8,122,000$16 million
13Stomp the Yard$17,100,000$13 million
34Pursuit of Happyness$9,100,000$10 million

Pan's Labyrinth


$9.5 million

66Children of Men$6,432,000$7 million
77Alpha Dog$6,142,000$6 million
98Arthur and the Invisibles$4,300,000$5.75 million
89Primeval$5,988,000$5.5 million
510Freedom Writers$7,117,000$4 million


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