December 5, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week: Pulse

This week brings a nice mix of movies, television, and music titles for your viewing pleasure. Whether or not you choose to partake in the offerings is entirely up to you. I am here to help guide you towards those offerings which are worth your time. Of course, I will occasionally steer you down the wrong path, it is not intentional. It just happens that, on occasion, there is a title that comes that I am among the minority in my enjoyment. This is proved by this week's pick. A film that pretty much tanked at the box office, and was muchmaligned by critics and audience members alike. I saw it, went against the grain, and actually enjoyed it.

The title of this week's pick, for those who missed the column title, is Pulse. It is a remake of a J-horror film by the name of Kairo. I have not yet seen that movie, but I do own it and hope to watch it soon. Until that time comes, I will have my memories of seeing this theatrically.

Pulse takes a worldwide apocalypse and attempts to boil it down to a more intimate setting. In other words, it is a modestly budgeted film that worked with what they had and tried to make it appear to be bigger than what the story is. Their attempt was admirable. They took an occurence that is much more widespread than what is shown in the film, but choose to tell one persons story of their experience.

Kristen Bell stars as Mattie, and does a decent job in her first starring role on the silver screen. Her day job is as the title character of the television series Veronica Mars, which kicks all amounts of ass. Here she plays a character that isn't quite as quick witted as her TV counter-part, but she demonstrates that she has great presence on the screen. I look forward to what she does next.

The DVD features a pair of commentaries, deleted and extended scenes, and a few making of featurettes. It looks like a decent set considering the lackluster box office. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Also hitting the shelves this week:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This is that "other" movie that many are talking about this week. The biggest blockbuster of the year, and one of the most lucrative films of all time. I personally liked this a lot, the action, the comedy, it was an absolute blast, until that cliffhanger of an ending. I still think they could have closed this chapter a little bit better.
  • 24: Season 5. No one can stop Jack Bauer. Another great season which finally got recognized with Emmy wins for best Drama series and Best Actor for Kiefer Sutherland. This is a series that will get you hooked within a single episode.
  • SNL: The Complete First Season. Back when you wee guranteed a laugh, this classic origins of the premiere late night sketch comedy show.
  • Miami Vice. The good, but not great, big screen bow of the 80's action series. I thought this had a couple of the best action sequences filmed all year, yet I think the film could have been much more. This is being released in an unrated version, I wonder how it is different....
  • Mission: Impoosible - The Complete First Season. Following three Tom Cruise films, the series that inspired it finally reaches DVD.
  • Pinky and the Brain: Vol. 2. "One is a genius, the other's insane!" From the golden age of Warner after school cartoons.
  • Animaniacs: Vol. 2. See above. This is the series that spawned the lab mice bent on world domination, and a host of other hilarious shorts.
  • Beerfest. Broken Lizard's follow up to the mediocre Club Dread is the also mediocre Beerfest. It had its funny moments, but it ran too long on its basis of underground drinking.
  • Dungeons & Dragons. Based on the role playing game, this series sent a group of teens into a medieval world where they were each granted a power to use on their quest to return home.
  • Metallica: The Videos 1989-2004. A collection of Metallica videos? Never thought I'd see the day, but here it is.
  • Slipknot: Voluminal - Inside the Nine. A two disk set that gives you a glimpse into their two year tour supporting The Subliminal Verses (Their best album, in my opinion). It has a 90 minute documentary, plus all of the videos from the album, interviews, and more.
  • Rocky: 2 Disk Collector's Edition. Just in time for the release of Rocky Balboa.
  • Black Christmas. Likewise, just in time for the release of the remake.
  • Europe: The Final Countdown Tour 1986. Oh, the spandex, the hairspray, the rock anthems! This is a fun concert that any fan needs to check out.
  • Cannibal. I know nothing about this movie, other than the title and the pretty cool cover art. Direct to DVD horror is a risky proposition, there is always the hope of finding a gem.
  • Cheezy Science Fiction Vol. 1. There are a few of these slated to come out this week, a couple of sci-fi, a horror, a few others. This looks like it could be fun.

What are you getting this week?


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