November 1, 2006

CD Review: 3 Mile Scream - Prelude to Our Demise

This is one of the more promising debut albums I have listened to in awhile. 3 Mile Scream is melodic brutality at its finest. The band was birthed from the remains of a number of imploded metal acts in Montreal, Canada. It seems as if al of the most promising elements shed the chaff and came together to create a new voice of the extreme that demands your attention. From the opening notes you will be glued to the speakers as this quintet lay siege on your ear holes.

3 Mile Scream is like the illegitimate love child of Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of God, In Flames, Morbid Angel and Testament. Much like Freddy Krueger was the bastard son of 100 maniacs, 3 Mile Scream is the product of the unholiest of influences. Incessant drums, sonic destroyer guitars, and a voice that will sing to you as much as it will scream itself raw at the expense of your eardrums. Combining elements of thrash and death with the melodic tendencies of metalcore, they are setting themselves up as a potentially prominent member of the New Wave of American Metal (a descriptor I am not sure exists, but seems fitting with the revival of heavy music in North America).

The album opens with the innocuously titled "Prelude," something you should fear on a metal album, or just be inquisitive about if you do not know what to expect. I was in the latter camp, the mellow piano that played lulled me into territory that did not prepapre me for what was about to come. The prelude gives way to "Mourning the Lost" which is akin to getting hit upside the head with a sledgehammer. It moves into a brutal metal track with melodic layers, reminiscent of Killswitch Engage.

3 Mile Scream proves they have what it takes to compete in the ever changing heavy scene. Each song is as brutal as the one that came before it, but it tempers that with strong doses of melody, co-existing in a mixture that is extremely volatile. Everything builds to their premiere cut, "Dare to Question." It clocks in at near 6 minutes and puts each of their talents to the test, taking them to the limit, dangling them over the edge, to which they respond "I dare ya." As if to prove a point 3 Mile Scream does not hold anything back, they take no prisoners, and they will not be ignored.

They are led by the twin guitar destruction brought down by Alex Delis and Ben Ayotte, equally adept at bonecrushing riffs as they are at progressive melodies, combining them within the same song without ever losing focus. Behind them is the precision skin pounding of Norm Geneau, with great double basswork and steady rhythms truly anchors the band. Also adding tot eh solid rhythm section is Mike Marino on Bass, who does solid work, but I have to admit as to not picking it out all that often. Finally there is Matt McGachy on vocals, who has very good singing voice that he is not afraid to show in between bouts of raw throated screaming. These guys are solid, and the future is bright.

Bottomline. I am not that crazy about the band name, but they have the music that will make you forget all about that. It's been sometime since I had my brain battered right from the start as I did here, and that is a good thing. 3 Mile Scream is poised to launch an all out assault with Prelude to Our Demise. You'd be best to keep an eye on this band.

Highly Recommended.
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