October 8, 2006

TV Preview: Haunted Prison

The Sci-Fi Channel will be premiering a new low budget horror film this weekend, it is called Haunted Prison, formerly known as Death Row. The film stars Jake Busey, Stacey Keach, Danny Trejo, and Jamie Mann. It could prove to be one of the better Scinema Saturday Sci Fi Channel premieres in some time, if the trailer is to be believed.

Now, I don't know much about it, but I have viewed the trailer, and it looks pretty cool. Ghosts, dismembered bodies, and blood drenched floors are all permanent features of an old rundown prison. Not to mention the fresh victims that are about to pass through its doors.

The film was directed by Kevin VanHook, based on his own short story. It is the story of a penitentiary that was used for the most dangerous and ruthless criminals in the South, before being abandoned following a bloody massacre and prisoner riot. It is believed that the devil, himself, was behind the creation of its foreboding walls, and it is still haunted by those who died there. Two groups of people are going to find out the reality behind the stories as a group of thieves on the run use it to hide out and a documentary film crew arrive to uncover the secrets. The big question now is if anyone will be able to survive the horrors contained within.

I am hoping that I am not setting myself up for a fall, as I have been burned before on Sci-Fi premieres. Films such as SS Doomtrooper, Cerberus, and Manticore, I could barely stand for a few minutes. While most of their films are a struggle to get through, there is the occasional excellent, or at least good, ones to watch, they include Cube, Dog Soldiers, and believe it or not, House of the Dead 2. I am really hoping Haunted Prison is more along those lines.

So, don't forget, Haunted Prison will be airing on October 14th at 9pm on the Sci Fi Channel. It looks good, has a decent cast (it includes Danny Trejo, so that helps the cool factor), and the trailer is good. I am actually looking forward to this.


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