October 24, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week: Slither

This week brings a number of releases that could have taken the top slot, but, like there always is, there is one that stands above the rest. The choice was made exceedingly simple by the time of year. It is October and Halloween is approaching, which means that it would only be logical to choose a film within the horror realm.

This week's DVD of choice is the new horror/comedy Slither. It is a throwback to the creature features of the 1980's and earlier, and owes a little more than lipservice to Night of the Creeps. It stars Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, and Michael Rooker as just a few inhabitants of a small town that has come under siege from slugs from outer space which take over your brain. Fillion is the town's sheriff who leads the fight back. The film has comedy, gore, and above all, a healthy dose of fun.

The movie was written and directed by James Gunn, who was also behind the pen for the surprisingly decent Dawn of the Dead remake. Here, he has crafted a movie that brings back the memories of those horror features that we grew up on, while not feeling like simply a retread. This one for fans of films like The Evil Dead and Shawn of the Dead, it may not be as good as those, but it is definitely enjoyable.

Also out this week:
  • Monster House. One of, if not the, best CGI film this year. It is a wonderfully realized horror film for kids. We all have a story of that house that we won't go near, this goes a long way towards putting a face on that fear. PotW Runner-Up.
  • Mission: Impossible III. This was an exciting action/adventure film. JJ Abrams delivered the goods in this, his first directorial feature. I will be interested in how it holds up against multiple viewings, I liked it on the big screen.
  • Justice League Unlimited: Season One. Once Justice League ended, the door was opened for a more epic story. This new series brought in more heroes from round the world to help our core leaders defeat evil.
  • The Addams Family: Volume One. The classic series of the macabre family finally reaches DVD.
  • Nacho Libre. Funny and sweet, this Jack Black film is very funny. Jack stars as Nacho, a Brother who dons the mask of a lucha libre wrestler in order to earn money for the orphanage at which he works.
  • Batman Beyond: Season Two. The future of Batman continues with this high tech series. It brings the next chapter in the Batman saga.
  • An American Haunting. This is hear as a warning to anyone considering this. It is dull, not scary, and rather pointless. Avoid this, I would recommend something like The Exorcism of Emily Rose instead.
  • Nightmares & Dreamscapes. I think the series was rather hit and miss, but the first episode with William Hurt is one of the most brilliant hours of television I have ever seen, and this is worth it for that.
  • Greg the Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies. The short lived network series found new life as a more adult oriented parody series on IFC. This collects a few of the parodied films, and is pretty funny, if inconsistent.

What are you getting this week?


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