October 14, 2006

CD Review: Motorhead - Kiss of Death

Motorhead is one of those bands that I believe will always be putting out records. As you know, Lemmy won't die, or he's among the living dead. Either way, he is not going anywhere, and so long as he isn't going anywhere, Motorhead will be alive and well. That said, there have been a few tracks that I have really liked from them, in particular "Ace of Spades" and their contributions to the WWE. That said, I have never been a big fan of Lemmy's voice, still there is something unmistakable about that voice.

Kiss of Death features some hard hitting Motorhead music that has their trademark attitude written all over it. Their fusion of punk, metal, and rock into this melting pot of aggression is something that has not been matched. The ability of this three piece to get the adrenaline flowing is quite amazing, and they do not waste any time getting the juices flowing.

The action gets kicked off the with pedal to the metal speed of "Sucker." A song that is a great wat to start as it gets you ready for the rest of the album and proves that Motorhead is by no means softening around the edges. They waste no time proving that while their ages grow, ther edge is still there. That is followed by the sexually charged "One Night Stand" with its classic Motorhead gallop.

There are a few standout songs, aside from "Sucker." "Under the Gun" really got me going, I love the rhythms from Philip Campbell. The song also features Mike Inez (Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osborne) on bass. Then there is what may be my favorite song on the disk, the acoustic "God was Never on Your Side." It is Lemmy's indictment of the religious of the world, calling God out if you will. It is not exactly something that I agree with, but the song is fascinating in its lyrical content, plus in the fact that it is an acoustically driven Motorhead song. Like "Under the Gun" it has a special guest musician in Poison's (!) CC Deville adding some guitars.

Lemmy sounds great, I don't think he's sounded this good in years. His cigarrette and bourbon powered voice leading the charge. Behind his voice and bass are Phil Campell, delivering those punk/metal flavored riffs and lead breaks like only he can, and Mikkey Dee pounding the skins, keeping the movement ever going forward. They are one of the tightest three piece units working today.

I may not be a member of Motohead's faithful, but Kiss of Death is a strong rock album from start to finish. Nearly thirty years into their career, and this trio is still turning out relevant rock, playing only by their rules. You will never see them put out a commercial, radio friendly album, they don't play that game. There is only one set of rules for them, and that is their own.

Bottomline. Never thought I would be left this satisfied after a Motorhead album, but consider me satisfied with this, one of the better rock and roll albums I have listened to recently. I'll never be a big part of their fan club, but there is no denying the mark they have left and are continuing to leave on the industry.

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