September 23, 2006

The Trailer Park: The Return

It's kind of funny, when I first saw this trailer (I believe it was with Lady in the Water) I seriously thought it was for The Grudge 2. Who wouldn't without knowing better? It stars Grudge star Sarah Michelle Gellar, and looks to have a plethora of jump scares in a creepy setting. Now there is some press material being filtered out with the prominent notice "This film is NOT The Grudge II."

To me there is something wrong when you are putting out a film that so closely resembles a sequel that will be released around the same time, feature the star of the sequel's original film, and have a creepy kid. Either way, I think this may be enjoyable. I enjoyed The Grudge, and I like Gellar, so hopefully I will like this too.

The trailer sets up some of the story. Gellar plays a young woman out looking for a promotion in some undefined job. Her travels lead her to a town that has a dark past. As soon as she arrives she begins to have some visions of murder and evil seeping throughout the town. These visions lead her to look a little bit deeper into the town, a journey to the root of evil.

I was, and still am, surprised to see The Return show up as the title. Even the dialog cards in the trailer bring about thoughts of her prior film. "Sometimes long after a murder has been committed, the terror lives on..."

The Return was directed by Asif Kapadia, making his Hollywood debut, last directing The Warrior. The script was penned by Adam Sussman, whose only other credit was an episode of the short lived Night Stalker revamp from last year.

The trailer is up on the Quicktime site. Rogue Pictures is set to unleash The Return on November 10, 2006.


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