September 3, 2006

Fall 2006 TV Preview: NBC

This Fall, NBC is adding a number of new dramas and comedy's to its lineup. Sadly, there is one glaring omission, Scrubs. Once again, that wonderful comedy is going to be a mid-season replacement. It truly saddens me to see how poorly NBC regards the show, it should be part of the Earl and Office lineup on Thursdays. Well, let's take a look at the schedule.


  • 7:00: Football Night in America
  • 8:00: Sunday Night Football
  • Sunday is going to be a big football night, following Monday Night Football's departure from ABC (I think, I am not a football fan), this will be the biggest primetime network exposure.


  • 8:00: Deal or No Deal (9/18). The Howie Mandell hosted game show makes the first of two weekly appearances, kicking off Monday's. I am not a big fan of the show, with my biggest complaint being it is a game show that doesn't require any type of ability/skill/knowledge outside of picking numbers, there is no strategy to it. It has its legions of fans, some of my family members included, but not me.
  • 9:00: Heroes (9/25). I am looking forward to this, despite the impression I get that it is just a sentimentalized version of the excellent The 4400. I am hoping to be proven wrong. The series focuses on several people from varying points on the globe who develop special abilities, like flying, precognition, and invulnerability. Stars include Greg Grunberg (Alias) and Ali Larter.
  • 10:00: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (9/18). When I saw the commercials for this, I couldn't help but get a little excited. The series was created by Aaron Sorkin, and it focuses its light Hollywood and the media. It stars Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, and Amanda Peet. I do not know many specific details, but the commercials are quick witted and highly enticing, I hope I am not let down.


  • 8:00: Friday Night Lights (10/3). Based on the film, which was based on a book, comes this series focusing on high school football in a small Texas town. The film, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Lucas Black, was quite good, hopefully the series will be able to live up to that.
  • 9:00. Law & Order: Criminal Intent (9/19). Moving to a new time slot, this L&O series is being paired up with my favorite flavor. I never really watched much of this version, although I always thought that Vincent D'Onofrio was captivating whenever I have caught it.
  • 10:00. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9/19). This has been the only version of L&O that I have watched regularly since the loss of Jerry Orbach, and at that I only picked it up a few years ago. SVU is hot off its Emmy win for Mariska Hargitay, so hopefully they will take that as inspiration for a great season.


  • 8:00: 20 Good Years (10/4). Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow star as a couple of aging friends who decide to take life by the horns. This looks like it could be a lot of fun, both of these men can be uproariously funny. I have hopes for this one.
  • 8:30: 30 Rock (10/11). Tina Fey (SNL) created the series and costars with Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin. This new series focuses on a writer for a sketch comedy series trying to juggle star egos and network bigwigs. The commercials don't seem particularly enticing, but I am willing to give it a week or two to impress me.
  • 9:00: The Biggest Loser (9/20). Not for me,next.
  • 10:00: Kidnapped (9/20). Following in the serialized footsteps of 24, this series, starring Jeremy Sisto and Delroy Lindo, focuses on the rescue of a kidnapped child. The commercials I have seen have intrigued me. I have liked Sisto in the past, but wonder if he will be able to carry the series?


  • 8:00: My Name is Earl (9/21). Entering its sophomore season, this Emmy winning Jason Lee series will hopefully keep the comedy flowing. I enjoyed the first season, the series has colorful characters and fun high concept that allows for a variety of comical setups.
  • 8:30: The Office (9/21). Best Comedy series Emmy winner, this is possibly my favorite sitcom, up there with the mid-season returning Scrubs. Steve Carrell leads this fake documentary styled series. If you work in an office and don't recognize these characters, you need to find a better job!
  • 9:00: Deal or No Deal (9/21). The second weekly airing.
  • 10:00: ER (9/21). Last season ended with the ER being shot up during the escape of Sam's ex husband from the law. The end resulting in the taking of Sam and her son as hostages, Jerry being shot, and Abby collapsing while Kovac is tied up in the next room. A lot of stories to pick up this season.


  • 8:00: Crossing Jordan (10/20). I am completely shocked that this series is still on, not that it is bad, just surprised at the longevity. I watched it for a few years but have since stopped. This is a new time slot for it.
  • 9:00: Las Vegas (10/20). Remaining in its time slot from last season is this, one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. This show has been fun ever since it has been on the air.
  • 10:00: Law & Order (9/22). I think this could be a good sign that this series is nearing the end of its run as it moves to a new time slot. I stopped watching last year, as I was not much of a fan of Dennis Farina.


  • 8:00: Dateline (9/23). The long running new magazine returns.
  • 9:00-11:00: Reruns. Not sure what they are rerunning here, but it will probably be a couple of the prior weeks dramas.

Altogether it looks as if NBC has a pretty good lineup this season. There is a nice mix of long running dramas and a few up and comers, as well as being home to some of the best sitcoms going right now, strengthened by the departure of Will & Grace (sorry fans, I just did not care for it).


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