September 9, 2006

Charles Band Prepares 2006 Full Moon Horror Road Show

Last year Charles Band took his show on the road, hitting 18 cities across the country. Each stop brought with it a collection of rare footage, stage shows, guests, special products and more. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the stops. It was a great time, seeing all of the footage he had, hearing his tales (loved the story about Gary Busey on the set of Gingerdead Man), and getting to meet his special guest, Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects). I was very happy to see that he would be, once again, coming to my area.

What? You don't know who Charles Band is? For shame.

I admit, I am not the most knowledgeable on Band's history, but all of the movies I have seen that had his name on them have been entertaining. Band is the king of low budget horror, science fiction, and fantasy films, having been involved in over 250 movies over the years with his company, Full Moon Entertainment. The most prominent of the bunch would probably include Puppetmaster, Trancers, From Beyond, Troll, and Ghoulies. Chances are you have heard of at least one of his movies, if you haven't unknowingly seen one. He is also the father of Alex Band, singer for the band The Calling.

Charles Band looks to build on the success of last years tour with more footage, more toys, more guests, and more audience participation. That last bit is one of the greatest aspects of the show. Each stop is more than him just talking and showing clips, he proves to be approachable, and willing to meet with everybody. During the shows he brings people up onstage to create a scene re-enactment, a directing sample, if you will, where he casts audience members in key roles, and then goes through directing a scene with them. He also invites questions from the audience, getting full interactivity with the crowd. After each show Band remains accessible, signing autographs, chatting with fans, the whole deal. It is a wonderful thing, great for the fans, and a lot of fun in general.

I am looking forward to seeing the show. At each stop, there will be some special DVD sets and figures available for purchase, and if we are lucky, a way to get an executive producer credit on an upcoming film. He did that last year, and the film is set for release very soon. The film is entitled Petrified, and it will have yours truly among the longest list of executive producers in history.

To give you a bit of a preview, here are some of the boxsets that will be available on the tour, many of them will be limited:

Perhaps DVD boxsets aren't your thing, maybe you like toys? I picked up a couple last year, a limited edition Bronze Blade, and the Pimp Doll from the film Blood Dolls, which came with a copy of the movie. Here is a sampling for this year, featuring a Bronze Six Shooter:

If you don't want any of that, there are sure to be t-shirts and posters available. If there is one thing to be sure of, there will be plenty of Full Moon merchandise available. Want to go? Here is the tour poster, see if your city is on there:

Oh yeah, for those who went last year, remember the Monsterbra? Well, this year he is going to have something called the Gamebra. He will also be premiering one of his newest movies, Evil Bong, starring, who else but Tommy Chong.

For more information about Full Moon, be sure to take a spin by their site, and also check out the trailer for this years Road Show.

The tour kicks off September 14, 2006 in San Francisco, CA.


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