August 28, 2006

TV Review: Prison Break - "Otis"

Prison Break returns for its second episode of its sophomore season with an episode entitled "Otis." We pick up where we left off last week. The story follows a few different paths. First there is the large group of Michael, Linc, Sucre, Abruzzi, and C Note. Michael and Linc quickly split off from the group, as Michael's plan only calls for the two to move on from here, presumably headed off to Utah and a hidden trove of 5 million dollars. They get sidetracked when they get the opportunity to rescue LJ (Linc's son) on his way to a court hearing. Michael comes up with the plan, and the duo head off to put it into action. Unfortunately, Agent Mahone is a good match for the wits of Scofield, and figures out that something is up as he accompanies LJ. The rescue attempt fails and the brothers narrowly escape.

Back at the prison Bellick and Pope are called before a panel at the DOC, where they are questioned about an improprieties that may have gone on between them and the convicts. The questioning results in Bellick losing his job and Pope quitting. It pained me to watch Pope as the betrayal he feels plays out across his face. This is a man who, while dealing with so much scum, believes in the basic goodness in humanity and wants to believe that people are inherently good. Watching him have this taken away was quite painful. I even felt sorry for Bellick, who returns home and lies to his mother, whom he cares for, as he has to lie as to why he is home. He then prepares to go out after the Fox River Eight on his own.

Yet another story follows Tweener, a guy who wasn't supposed to be a part of the group anyway. Sporting a new, close cropped hair cut and a stolen ID, he is looking for a way toget to Utah and find the hidden fortune for himself. The kid doesn't seem to have a lot of personality, but he isn't quite as dumb as he pretends to be. He disguises himself as a college student and hitches a ride with a student driving to Utah to visit her family.

Not to be left out, we get some more of T-Bag's mean streak. When we last saw him, he was entering a veterinarian hospital with his severed hand in a cooler. Using his abundant charm, he gets the vet to reattach his hand. Afterwards, the viciousness comes out, as he cannot allow the vet to leave. As we leave him, he has the vet stripped and strapped to a table and about to do something unspeakable. This is a great character, I only wish we could get some more screentome from him.

Back to Michael and Linc, their narrow escape may be shortlived, as Linc gets hit in the leg and is bleeding profusely, and may not be able to go on. We leave these two as they try to figure out an escape, and the law closing in behind them. This is a trying time for Scofield, as he knows that this break out was not in their best interests, but it is hard to say know to your brother, especially when it concerns his son.

The show may be called Prison Break, but they are most definitely not in a prison, but the drama is just as compelling, This season has started out strong, and I can only hope they keep it up. The previews for next week promise more with Sucre, and the return of Dr. Sara Tancredi as she is arrested for her involvement in the escape.

This series is deceptive in its depth. It carries a lot of story that takes on a personal nature, despite the more epic backdrop of political intrigue. It is a good example of a show that builds its characters and still has a plot that involves more than meets the eye without feeling like it is trying to do too much. Basically, if you aren't watching, why not? Give it a try, you may be surprised by what you find.


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