August 24, 2006

The Trailer Park: The Protector

Having first witnessed Tony Jaa in Ong Bak, there is no doubt that he is the future of the martial arts film stars. We've had Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, Jaa is the next generation. This guy is simply amazing, and now we are getting another dose of his brand of excitement on the big screen.

The Protector is known as Tom yum goong in it's native Thailand. My first comment is why couldn't they have come up with a better title? The Protector is, frankly, lame. It sounds like a generic Steven Seagal vehicle. Once I've seen the film, I am sure I will be able to come up with something better. Secondly, it is being released by the Weinstein Company, which is probably not a good thing. The Weinstein's do not have a good track record when it comes to their treatment of Asian films. Dubbing, editing, and new soundtracks all spring to mind. I wonder how they would feel if some other company somehow got the rights to their movies and hacked them to bits? Hopefully, The Protector won't suffer the same fate.

The trailer looks excellent. Story will probably be on the generic side, but I don't go to a movie like this for a deep story, I go for the action. Tony Jaa is incredibly athletic and agile, the things he can do, without wires, will surely astound you.

The story follows a young Thai man who has been brought up among the ancient traditions of their people. His way of life is destroyed when they are invaded by those from the city seeking to take over. The young man takes the fight to the city, and that is where the action heats up. I eagerly look forward to seeing it.

The trailer is up at the Quicktime site. It is set to be unleashed on the big screen on September 8, 2006.

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