August 20, 2006

Fall TV Preview: Fox Network

The Fall 2006 television season is drawing dangerously close. With the summer series nearing their finales, it is time to look forward to the cooling of temperatures and the return of some of your favorite shows. Plus, there is a whole cadre of new shows to watch wither and die or explode out the gate, there is no in between. So without further adieu, let's take a look at what Fox has to offer up. They are getting a head start on things by starting some of their shows up here in the month of August.

Returning Shows

  • 24. Everyone's favorite superagent, Jack Bauer returns for a sixth go around. Just like the past 2 seasons, it will not begin until January 2007, where it will run straight through with no reruns or missed weeks. Last we saw Jack, he was on a ship bound for China after he was captured following the discovery that he was still alive. You see, back in season 4 he led an assault on the Chinese embasssy, and memories are long. Next season will pick up sometime after he gets out of China, following rigorous torture. I cannot wait to see where the next season will take us.
  • American Dad. (Sunday September 10, 8:30) Seth McFarlane's sister series to Family Guy is making a comeback in a new slot, 8:30 following The Simpsons. I never thought of this as better than Family Guy, but it has held its own and has developed into a pretty funny series. It will be entering its third season.
  • Bones. (Wednesday August 30, 8:00) Surprising this viewer, this David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel starrer will be returning for season 2. I enjoyed the first season. The series follows the exploits of a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent as they crack murder mysteries. The series' strength was in the character interaction dynamic that was built among the cast, and is more than enough reason to watch.
  • Family Guy. (Sunday September 10, 9:00). One of the funniest, absurdest, most brain dead shows is returning. I thought that when this returned following its mishandling and ultimate cancellation a few years back that it would be a shadow of its former self. Fortunately, they proved me wrong. Let's hope they can keep it up.
  • House. (Tuesday September 10, 8:00) One of the best shows to emerge over the past few years will be making a move to an earlier timeslot, a move that I hope does not lead to tamer subject matter. The series is perfecting a blend of plot against characters. Looking forward to House's new cases.
  • King of the Hill. Fox has this one slated to be coming back, even though I could have sworn it had been cancelled. Well, there is hope as they have not yet given a return date.
  • The Loop. Here is another show that does not have a return date. Presumably it will come in as a mid-season replacement for some failed series. Though, I thought this failed during its first half season.
  • The OC. No scheduled return date yet. To be honest, I have little to say about this show as I do not watch it, nor do I have any real interest in it.
  • Prison Break. (Monday August 21, 8:00) The first season was excellent, except for the lackluster finale. That said, I am very much looking forward to what the new season will bring. Scofield and the rest of his group are now outside the walls of the prison. All they have to do is not get caught.
  • The Simpsons. (Sunday September 10, 8:00) I kind of wish that this show ended years ago. The funnies have become scarcer and scarcer. Still, it is moving into season 16.e
  • The War at Home . (Sunday September 10, 9:30) Why couldn't this show have faded into obscurity? Awful show. Well, it's still here, only in a new timeslot.

New Series

  • Happy Hour. (Thursday September 7, 8:30) OK, I read the description for the show and I think we may have a failure on our hands. A successful smalltown guy moves to the bi city where everything goes wrong, and he falls in with a rogue's gallery of friends, or something like that. Next.
  • Justice. (Wednesday August 30, 9:00) Jerry Bruckheimer is bringing us another law show. Not sure if one is needed, but this will be worth checking out due to the presence of Victor Garber, who was excellent on the now defunct Alias.
  • Standoff. (Tuesday September 5, 9:00) This looks like it could be interesting. It stars Ron Livingston (Office Space) and Gina Torres (Firefly, Angel) as member of an FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit. Looks to be something along the lines of 24, but with a team, and no time restrictions. I will be interested in checking this one out.
  • 'Til Death. (Thursday September 7, 8:00) On the heels of Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett has jumped back into series television about the married life with this new series. The show focuses on the differences between the new marriage, and the one attempting to withstand the test of time. Commercials look funny.
  • Vanished. (Monday August 21, 9:00) Getting paired up with Prison Break, at least for now, this show has a good lead in. It is the story of the young wife of a senator who has gone missing, and what the FBI goes about doing to get her back. Among the stars are Rebecca Gayheart and Ming Na.
  • The Wedding Album. A series without a scheduled opener, this looks like it could either be mildly entertaining, or completely annoying. It is about a playboy wedding photographer and his new young assistant. I guess we will have to wait and see where this gets slotted.
  • The Winner. No scheduled debut, this is Seth McFarlane's first foray into live action, co-writing with his Family Guy co-producer, and show creater, Ricky Blitt. Not sure what to think about this one, but it could be fun. It is about a thirty-something living with his parents looking to make something of his life.

That does it. I left out a few things, like reality shows, as I could really care less about them. This season looks to have a few decent new shows, but I cannot say that I am terribly excited about the overall lineup. Which is probably a good thing, as I watch to much already. If you are interested Fox has the airtime grid up, to help schedule your viewing time.


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