July 25, 2006

Box Office Update 7/21-7/23: Can Anyone Stop Jack Sparrow?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest continues its utter dominance of the box office. It has now cruised by the $300 million mark, making it the fastest to reach that point. This weekend also sees it cruising up to number 16 on the all time domestic box office chart, and it is almost a lock to climb much further up the charts. There has been much debate of the merits of the film as an artistic expression, but there is no denying that it has tapped into something that is getting people into the theaters, for the record I have seen it twice and enjoyed it very much, moreso the second time. Now, this may not mean much to many of you, but looking at many of the box office records, there are many owned by Sparrow and company, let's take a look:

Opening Weekend: #1
Second Weekend: #3
Third Weekend: #3
July Opening: #1
Single Day: #1
Opening Day: #1
Fridays: #1
Saturdays: #2
Sundays: #1
Mondays: #4
10 Day Gross: #1
9 Day Gross: #1
8 Day Gross: #1
Opening Week: #1
6 Day Gross: #1
5 Day Gross: #2
3 Day Gross: #2
3 Day Gross: #1
Tuesdays: #1
Fastest to $100M: #1 (2 days)
Fastest to $200M: #1 (8 days)
Fastest to $300M: #1 (16 days)

Pretty impressive, if you ask me (and I know you didn't). I am sure there will be a more to add to the list before all is said and done. It has been some time since I have seen a film bring out the people in the numbers this has. When I was at the cinema this past weekend, after getting out of Lady in the Water, I was talking to my friend in the booth, I marvelled at all the people looking to go to see Pirates late on a Saturday night. It will be interesting to see how far it can go.

As for the new releases this week, none of them seemed to be all that dominating, and in some cases they were downright disappointing. First there was Monster House, it came in number 2, but no one seems to be talking about it, so the legs may not hold up for this one. Following that at number 3 is the new M. Night Shyamalan film, Lady in the Water, which I found to be very disappointing, and terribly frustrating for the talent that he possesses. Way down at number 7 is Ivan Reitman's misguided mass of romantic comedy and superhero genres. Interesting concept, but hurt by poor execution. Rounding out the new releases, and the only success is Clerks II which landed in sixth place. That may not sound good, but if you consider the cult-like following Smith has gained over the years, combined with it doubling its production budget in one weekend, that has to be seen as a good thing. Oh yeah, it is hilarious as well.

Among the returning films, they all seemed to fare rather well, with no film dropping greater than 50%. The top faring film was The Devil Wears Prada, which I am happy to see, as it is a very good movie. Also doing better than expected was Superman Returns which seems to be leveling off a bit with a drop of 40%.

Four films dropped from the list this week: Click (11), A Scanner Darkly (13), The Lake House (14), and Nacho Libre (15).

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest$35,215,201$321,899,2333

Monster House

3NLady in the Water$18,044,396$18,044,3961
43You, Me, and Dupree$12,767,590$45,299,0802
52Little Man$11,025,108$40,636,2302

Clerks II

7NMy Super Ex-Girlfriend$8,603,460$8,603,4601
84Superman Returns$7,375,213$178,342,7114
95The Devil Wears Prada$7,361,991$97,508,4604

Box Office Predictions Recap
Not too bad this week, I was able to successfully predict the top 3, plus another pair down the list, so I ended up 50/50 for the week. As for my gross prediction, they are still rather gross.


PredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest$35,215,201$30 million
22Monster House$22,217,226$27 million
33Lady in the Water$18,044,396$24 million
74My Super Ex-Girlfriend$8,603,460$16 million

You, Me, and Dupree


$13.5 million

66Clerks II$10,061,132$13 million
97The Devil Wears Prada$7,361,991$8 million
88Superman Returns$7,375,213$7 million
59Little Man$11,025,108$6.5 million
1110Click$4,035,847$3.5 million

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