May 3, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite Dance Off Challenge!

Think you can dance better than Napoleon Dynamite? Maybe? Come on, you know you can do it. Don't be so modest, we all remember how you used to cut it up on the floor when you were five. Now wouldn't you like to relive those glory days? No? How about for prizes?

Fox Home Entertainment has teamed up with vMix, an up and coming viral video site, to have a contest to promote the impending release of Napoleon Dynamite: Like, The Best Special Edition Ever! DVD. The contest involves a danceoff between Napoleon, with his routine from the film, against whatever skills you have. You know, skills, like computer hacking skills, and nunchuck skills, and, of course, dance skills. All you need to do is gather some courage, or whatever you would like to call it, step in front of a camera and make love to the lens. Once you have captured the deed, head over to the contest page and enter your submission.

Prizes for the contest include the Napoleon Dynamite Special Edition DVD, a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, a 30 GB video iPod, and a new DVD player. Sweet!

After you do that, go ahead and take a look at the competition. Even if you don't submit, you can watch and vote on the other routines. Don't be shy, be sure to check it out!

Sadly, you won't find anything from yours truly over there, but you may find some votes from me.

The DVD is coming out on May 16th. Below are the specs for the new release:
Format: DVD
Rating (MPAA): PG
Originally Released/Aired: 2004
Run Time: 95 min

DVD Special Features:

- Disk 1:
- Widescreen Feature
- Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon
- Deleted Scenes with commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon
- -2nd Locker room scene -- :45
- -Pedro Holy Chip Flashback -- 1:09
- -Extended thrift store scene and La Tienda Lotto ticket -- 3:21
- -Kickball scene with Pedro and Napoleon montage -- 2:43
- Still Gallery (50 stills)

- Disk 2:
- "Peluca" Short Film w/optional commentary by Director/Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder, and Producer Jeremy Coon
- FEATURETTE: The Wedding of the Century!
- MTV On-Air Promos and outtakes featurette
- MTV On-Air Promos:
- 3 Easy Steps Napoleon 01
- 3 Easy Steps Napoleon 02
- 3 Easy Steps Pedro 01
- 3 Easy Steps Uncle Rico 01
- 3 Easy Steps Deb
- Fishing 02
- Liger vs. Tigon
- Raw interstitial tapes from shoot/outtakes
- The Real Napoleon Dynamite - New Documentary
- Behind the scenes
- Napoleon Sightings:Various ND clips:
- ESPN clip - 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee Clip
- Clips from TRL
- Clips from MTV Movie Awards
- Opening of SNL with Jon Heder
- Cartoon Network-Napoleon Bonomite
- 2004 Teen Choice Awards-ND & Nicole Richie Play Tetherball
- 2005 Teen Choice Awards-Hissy Fit Award
- New outtakes and deleted scenes
- Sweet Jumps-Nap on the bike outtakes
- Lord of the Dance-freestyle dance of ND filmed during Peluca
- Chugger - alt scenes of chugging sports drink
- Trailer: Boondock Saints

Audio: English: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish: Dolby Surround / Quebecois French: Surround, Language: Dubbed: Spanish / Subtitled: French & Spanish
Close Captioned: Yes


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