May 17, 2006

Finale Report: Scrubs - "My Urologist" and "My Transition"

Scrubs has just completed its fifth season. Last year I was worried about whether or not there would be a fifth. When the Fall schedules were announced last Spring, Scrubs was nowhere to be seen on NBC's lineup. It was logical to start becoming concerned about its future. Later I learned that there were episodes in production, but still no announcement about when it would be back on. In November (or was it December?) it was finally announced that the show would be returning in January. January brought with it weekly double doses of new episodes. They were glorious times. Now we are back into the drought with no new episodes until the, hopeful, beginning of the sixth season.

The finale was a 1 hour, two part, event, leading off with "My Urologist." The episode kicks off with Turk trying, and failing to deal with Carla's ever changing mood, due to her pregnancy. Turk destined to lose these confrontations. The scene shifts to the hospital, JD spies Turk talking to an attractive young doctor whom he does not recognize. He succeeds in making a fool of himself, as she has been there as long as he has. Wondering how that can be, Turk lets him in on a secret, he cannot see women who wear wedding rings.

JD finds himself becoming smitten with the pretty doc, aka Dr. Kim Briggs. The problem is that she is married, or is she? He learns from Elliot that she wears the ring to keep from being hit on, as she was divorced the year prior. Elliot is having problems of her own, as she is thinking of ending things with Keith. That news has gotten under Carla's skin, who is now determined to get her to change her mind. Don't you love how one thread flows into another?

Not to be forgotten, Janitor engages in a battle of wills with Dr. Kelso. Kelso has Janitor go to his home to retrieve some money. Janitor returns with the money, and brand new leather jacket. Just where did he get that money? Who will win this battle? Is it possible to have a winner with these two nefarious minds?

Meanwhile, JD is working on asking Kim out. That is, until he discovers that she will deny risky surgeries in order to keep her stats up. This causes a drop in respect, as JD beleives that the best course of action should be the one taken, regardless of risk. JD has an epiphany, realkizing why Kim acts the way she does, and he calls her out. She is trying to keep herself from getting hurt by keeping everyone at a distance, afraid to take risks. Kim has a change of heart, takes off her ring, and opens up to JD, opening up the potential of a relationship.

Carla succeeds in keeping Elliot and Keith together. Elliot's problem was that Keith was getting walked over at work, and she needs someone with a little more backbone. Carla's help is inadvertant as she just gets fed up and yells at Elliot, resulting in Keith standing up to her. You know, when they introduced Keith at the start of the season, I didn't think that he would play as big a role as he has.

And so concludes the first half of our finale.

The second half, "My Transition," begins with JD asking Kim out on a date, and then becoming worried about where to take her. He decides on horseback riding on the beach. That turns out to be a mistake, as JD learns firsthand the dangers of male bareback riding. Fortunately, Kim's specialty is urology and she is able to help is hurting bits, much to his dismay. The date moves back to the apartment, where they are interrupted by Elliot Reid, "Moment Killer."

The next day at the hospital, Elliot plans Carla's baby shower, to take place in the cafeteria, while Carla invites people to feel the baby kicking, unless your name is JD and you make a stupid comment. Jordan and Dr. Cox use the baby shower as an excuse to rid themselves of all their baby gear, as Jack has just completed, at least thought to be completed, his potty training.

JD attempts to ask Kim out on a second date, but is once again blocked by Elliot who has made plans to go to a Neil Diamond concert. That leaves JD alone, free to chase the old, gay men from his porch without a home. Elliot has a change of heart, and helps JD and Kim get together, stargazing on the porch.

As the episode winds down, Cox and Jordan make a discovery that shocks both of them. Jordan is preganant, despite Cox having had a vasectomy, and her not having cheated. It appears that Cox' surgery didn't take. Now the two have to come to terms with their impending bundle. On the other side of town, and two and a half weeks later, JD goes to Kim looking for a third date. He is greeted with the news that Kim is pregnant.

That announcement is followed with an ominious "To be continued..."

Scrubs is one of the best sitcoms running today, I would have to say it is probably in my top two, along with The Office. I love how they have the perfect blend of comedy, both verbal and slapstick, and drama, with surprisingly touching sentimentality and relatable drama. Despite those touching moments, the series never loses focus on the funny. The cast has great chemistry together. This may not have been the best pair of episodes, but they were still at the very good end of the spectrum. This is a comedy series that should be on your must see list. So be prepared and watch when the next season rolls around.


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