May 14, 2006

Finale Report: Las Vegas - "Father of the Bride"

Ever since Las Vegas premiered three years ago, it has been on my guilty pleasure viewing list. The show is fun, it has an exuberance around it that is completely infectious. The show is not high art, and doesn't strive to be, it is the equivalent of a popcorn flick. There is a nice balance of the fun stories and the slightly more serious stories.

This third season finale focuses on the relationships at the casino. A few weeks back, Delinda and Danny started up a bit of a relationship, a purely physical, but it was there. Then, out of nowhere, a love from Delinda's past arrived, seeking to rekindle an old flame. That put a crimp in the evolving feelings that Danny possesses.

Due to the groom's schedule, and having to leave Vegas, the wedding is put on an accelerated schedule. The finale picks up a mere 30 hours before the wedding. Ed is looking for the wedding gift, while his wife bemoans the ruining of her one of a kind dress. Danny and Mike go about planning a bachelor party, that doesn't appear to be wanted. Sam and Danny run around looking for dates, while Mary starts the tears early.

The episode is not all wedding plans, as Ed is visited by a friend from the CIA who attempts to bring him back into the fold. It appears that someone that Ed thought he killed some 20 years earlier, is still alive and may be after him. This is obviously not good, what with the impending nuptials.

Sam's search for a date leads her to making a long distance call to Boston. She is looking for none other than Crossing Jordan's Woody (Jerry O'Connell). While she got the desired response, but she had to talk between the gunshots, as Woody was in the midst of a bar shootout at the time of the call. Danny's date search takes him to a waitress who carries a secret torch for him, so, when he asks she unloads all of her ready made plans for their future. Rather creepy if you ask me.

The show was fun as we watch everyone scurry about preparing for the wedding, but it didn't feel like much of a finale. Well, at least it didn't until the last few minutes. The last few minutes brings us right up to the brink of the wedding, and things start happening.

Mike is looking for his date, who has been missing since the bachelorette party. Woody arrives in the lobby looking for Sam. Danny is struggling with his possible love for Delinda. Delinda, in her wedding gown, runs off, needing to speak to someone. This leads to the opening of doors. Mike opens the door to the bridesmaids, no Sara. Danny opens a door, finding Delinda on the other side. Ed opens a door to find a gunman on the other side.

Now, we all have to wait out the summer to see what happens.

There were some really good scenes in the spisode. My favorite scene is when Ed's CIA pal and some young agent flank him at the bar in Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, the young guy tries to sound tough, Ed looks at him and proceeds to elbow him right in the face. I'm telling you, the timing was perfect!

This is a show to unwind to. It is not serious at all, but it isn't dumb. Well, maybe it is, but it is a very entertaining flavor of dumb. Seriously though, give it a spin.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find a picture of Delind's wedding dress?

Anonymous said...

I believe her dress is a Monique Lhuillier. It is from her spring 07 collection. The picture online is from the runway and has a more couture look to it but i can be almost 100% sure that is her dress.

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