May 21, 2006

Finale Report: Invasion - "The Last Wave Goodbye"

Invasion is an odd bird. I have found myself distanced from the show, yet oddly compelled to continue watching it. I have yet to nail down the character names. At the start of the year it was one of three new alien invasion type shows debuting in the young season, along with Surface and Threshold. Of the three, I liked Threshold the best, and it turned out to be the shortest lived, I really know how to pick them, I never would have picked Invasion as the longest lasting.
This final episode of its debut season, "The Last Wave Goodbye," continues the literal invasion that had been building up all season, and began in earnest last week when a second hurricane struck. There is an armed hybrid militia that has rounded up all of the townsfolk, separating out those that have already been "changed." After the people sifting, the men started forcing the normals out of the hanger and into the rain, and ultimately the water where their conversion would begin.

As the people are forced out, they get their first glimpse of he storm, and what it contains. Their are lights falling from the sky, giving an unnatural glow to the falling rain. We know what these lights are, as we witnessed them at the start of the season, during the initial storm. The people are terrified as they are pushed along by the uniformed men with their automatic weapons.

Through the people's confusion, Tom and Russell are staging their own assault on the compound, seeking out Szura. A firefight ensues when our heroes take out a couple of Szura's men. Szura arrives in time to take a bullet from Tom. He retreats into the compound, Tom follows him inside, while Russell remains behind with Mariel.

Mariel is having problems of her own. Szura had introduced her, in last weeks episode, to a roomful of pregnant women that are ready to give birth. They are all bursting with glowing alien goodness, but they need help, help that Mariel is unsure she can provide. Although, she suspects that there is a reason why they need so much water. Mariel and Russell help the women get to the lake, while Tom, having just killed Szura, responds to a call from Lewis about their capture.

Lewis, along with Larkin, Dave, Jesse, and Rose are being held by Brett and another revolutionary. They are attempting to start a revolt against the oncoming hybrid menace, beginning with Tom.

Mariel and Russell succeed in getting the women to the beach, where they watch as they enter the water, greeted by these glowing sea creatures that take ahold of them and swim off into the distance. After watching this unexpected site, they head off to meet up with Tom at the house.

Tom arrives at the house, only to be confronted by the revolutionary. While upstairs, Brett and Jesse are talking, and Brett's mind is changed, at least temporarily. Unfortunately that doesn't happen before a skuffle ensues when Underlay attempts to disarm the revolutionary. One round is discharged during the altercation, a fateful shot. The shot went through the door, into room where everyone was tied up.

The shot hit Larkin, who is bleeding profusely. Underlay does what he can to stop the bleeding, but he knows that he can't stop it. Everyone is trying to do what they can, until Underlay realizes what he has to do. He picks Larkin up and heads for the door, telling everyone else not to leave. After he leaves, Tom and Mariel arrive to discover what had just transpired. Russell heads out back where Underlay went. Asking him what had happened, Tom just stands there.

We all know what happened, the onbly way to save Larkin was to put her in the water to be changed by the aliens.

I may continue with this next season, or at least give it a couple of episodes to hook me. The show has some compelling elements, but at the same time, I don't feel as involved as I do with some of the other shows on. Time will tell.

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