May 26, 2006

Finale Report: 24 Season Finale "5am - 7am"

The fifth season of 24 has come and gone. This season was very good, but probably not better than the last season, which may have been the best one yet. This season does rank with the better seasons, well above the third and probably above the second. I also have to say that I really like the idea of the non-stop season, starting the season in January and running it with no reruns or empty weeks. This method really builds a cohesive season and just works great for the real time nature of the series.

The finale was a special two-hour presentation, taking us from 5 in the morning full circle to 7am. There are a number of threads that needed wrapping up. There is Bierko and his commandeering of a Russian sub with 12 missiles on board. There is also the saga of Bauer and Henderson, who begin the hour working together to gain access to the sub. Not to be left out is the scum of a President, who was behind much of what had transpired during this 24 hour period. Also, what will become if the Chinese find Jack is still alive?

The first hour begins with Bierko beginning the launch sequence for the missiles, while Jack and Henderson try to find a way inside. Back at CTU, Audrey contacts a nearby base commander to scramble fighters to take the submarine out. Unfortunately, there is no way those fighters will not make it in time.

Chloe is able to discover a survivor on board the sub, a petty officer broadcasting an SOS. Jack gets on the line with the survivor and instructs him to get to a forward access hatch, and kill any opposition along the way. With his reluctant help, Jack and Hendersen are able to gain access to the sub. Once on board they are able to get to the controls where Henderson stops the launch with seconds to go while Jack goes and deals with Bierko. With the missile threat stopped and Bierko dead, Jack finds Henderson missing. He exits the sub and finds Henderson behind him with a gun, a weapon Jack had supplied to him earlier. Henderson has some bad intentions towards our hero, little did he know that Jack gave him an empty weapon. Jack then proceeds to put a few pieces of metal into Henderson's body. Good, is all I can say, Robocop deserved to die.

The scene shifts to the White House. Martha, aware of what her husband tried to do to Aaron, goes to Novick and gets him on their side. Jack, not out of the picture, informs Chloe that he is going after Logan to get a confession. Martha goes to Logan to try and delay his departure, as he is going to meet Palmer's body at the airport. Outside, Jack shows up. He pairs up with Novick with a plan to get on board the helicopter transport.

The second, and final, hour starts with the execution of Jack's plans to take over the co-pilot chair on the Navy helicopter that is set to transport Logan. The plan works, and soon the copter is in the air and Jack is taking charge.

Jack orders the pilot to land at an abandoned warehouse. Once there, Jack takes Logan inside with plans to get a confession. The only problem is that he only has about 10 minutes, or else they will be found and Jack arrested for treason. Jack gives a great speech about how he has nothing left to lose, and how he would not hesitate to put a bullet in Logan's head.

Back at the airstrip, Novick gets a call that Jack was unable to get the confession and has been taken into custody. Martha is greatly upset by this news, and as Palmer's casket arrives, she cannot hold back any longer and begins ranting at her husband. He has her taken into an empty hanger where he proceeds to threaten her, as well as admit to his own culpability. He then returns to the airfield and begins to deliver his speech.

At CTU, Chloe set up a conference call with the DA. Buchanan and Karen are shocked that she would do that, and even more shocked when she claims to have a recording of what had just transpired between the President and his wife. The recording is played and exposes the President for the trash he is.

The Secret Service get word about Logan's deeds, and proceed to move in to take him into custody. They do so, while Logan has this fantastic shocked look on his face.

The episode starts to wind down, the President is in custody, Jack and Audrey are reunited, all appears well in the world. Jack gets word that Kim is calling for him. He goes inside to take the call, when he is jumped by three men in masks. The men are revealed to be Chinese. They have caught up with him. The episode ends with Jack being shipped off to China.

I have to say that this was a very good finale. I liked how stuff all came together in a meaningful way. Although, I do not recall what happened to the guys that Logan was reporting to? I guess they are off to conspire another day. I have read that next season will not take place in China, so I wonder how they are going to resolve this ending with how the next one starts? Either way, I can't wait!

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